Design for Silva camp jerseys 2019

02.04. 2019

This year, earlier then usually we publish designs for Silva O´camp 2019. Design was created in collaboration with Oland sport, and is possible that we can make some modified during the year. Don´t worry we will inform you about any change connect with new look!

Working in progress

11.03. 2019

We are finalizing list of participants 2019! It looks we have more than 230 young athletes and 40 coaches this year. There are also some totally new countries at the list. Check it out!


Czech and Slovak 67 runners + 20 coaches

Israel 25 runners + 2 coaches

Spain 58 runners + 6 coaches

Poland 20 runners + 2 coaches

China 20 runners + 2 coaches

Bulgaria 8 runners + 2 coaches

Ukraine 15 runners + 3 coaches

Italy 10 runners + 2 coaches

Croatia 3 runners

Belgium 3 runners + 1 coach

Estonia 5 runners + 2 coaches

Countdown was set

23.01. 2019

From tomorrow we open entry system for Czech and Slovak participants. So, relax entry for you will provide national operator!

Silva O´camp 2019

20.08. 2018

Date have been set! You are welcome tro join next year camp in date 18-28. july 2019!!

Silva O´camp in Czech national TV

06.08. 2018

I bet you have very limited access to Czech National TV 🙂 OK. I enclose link to video, you can play after 9.8. 2018. David, cameraman, editor and producer in one person promised to us, that this year video will be excellent. Don´t hesitate and watch it!! Tell us than your opinion in comments!

Link to video

Silva O´camp 2018 is over

30.07. 2018

Silva camp 2018 is over, we hope you enjoy this year as much as we do:) We would like to thanks all participants, coaches, partners and all of you, who support us during camp. Now is right time to plan next year! For more info about Silva O´camp 2019 or more photo from this year follow our web page and facebook page.

PHOTO 2018

Silva camp 2018 just began

20.07. 2018

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Exclusive offer from Vavrys company

16.07. 2018

Exclusive offer for all Silva camp participants. In monday 23 of July come orienteering shop with exclusive offer of inov-8 orienteering shoes. If your old shoes is getting old. this will be optimal time for exchange.

Teams 2018

10.07. 2018

Teams 2018

Huráá, finally done. We have teams for Silva camp 2018. You will find it under the LIST OF PARTICIPANTS.

(for password ask your COACH)

Schedule 2018

19.06. 2018

IT is finally is here – SCHEDULE 2018

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