Photos 2022

01.08. 2022

Photo Gallery of Silva O´camp 2022

Results E3

30.07. 2022

Results E2

28.07. 2022

Results E1

27.07. 2022

Silva O´camp Live

25.07. 2022

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Teams 2022

20.07. 2022

Teams 2022 are ready😎. Thank you Marek Otruba 🙏 for the precise work in dividing the participants into teams.

Schedule 2022

18.07. 2022

Oland at the Camp

18.07. 2022
Do you not fit into the running top anymore? Or your compass point to the south pole? No problem Simeon Venev, our partner comes to the camp with his o-shop. You can extend your orienteering gear for special O´camp prices.

Last chance for t-shirt change

26.05. 2022

T-shirt number one is already manufactured. We can’t believe it ourselves, but the jerseys are already starting to be made. It means that time for t-shirt size change is running out. The last possible date is May 31!!

T-shirts 2022

14.05. 2022

This is it! The offical design of Silva O´camp 2022 tshirts. Double heck your order size for the perfect fit!!

Silva camp shirt 2022

08.05. 2022

Final look of Silva O´camp tshirt 2022 will be ready soon!!👕 You can write us, what colour would you wish to wear this year 🤩

PF 2022 – Save the date

30.12. 2021

With these seasons greetings we would like to thank you for your cooperation throughout this challenging year. The whole Silva O´camp Team is wishing you a healthy, happy and successful New Year. Hope to see many of you at summer 2022!!

Silva O’camp  2022

18.10. 2021

Silva O’camp 2022 will take place from 24-31 July 2022. To improve our services, we decide to move to the lower camp where Silva camp took place from 1999 to 2009.

Small step for a man a giant step for organizers. For previous 12 years Habina (the upper camp) was a second home for us. Unfortunately, camp facilities are not suitable for camp development anymore.

We start new cooperation with the management of the lower camp, by the way awarded as „Best Camp of the Olomouc Region“, hopefully for at least next 12 years! With capacity over 200 beds, we are ready to welcome many orienteers from all over the world.

Bulletin No.1 with detailed information and the date of opening of the application system will appear on this website during November.

Silva O´camp 2021 photos

26.07. 2021

Here you can find all photos from Silva O´camp 2021

Silva O´camp 2021

25.07. 2021
Silva O´camp 2021 is over! We would like to thank all those who participated in this year’s Silva O´camp, as well as those who helped us to carry out this camp (specially at this uncertain time). Follow us on Facebooku, Instagramu or website for more photos, videos and information about Silva O´camp 2022.

E3 Results

24.07. 2021

E3 and overall results is available at ORIS.

E2 Results

22.07. 2021

Results E2

E1 results

18.07. 2021

Silva O´camp live

18.07. 2021

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Teams 2021

10.07. 2021

You can find Teams for Silva O´Camp 2021 in this PAGE

Schedule 2021

07.06. 2021

Schedule for 2021 is ready. Lot of training and plenty of racing. All camp relay is going to be EPIC!

Inspection day

04.06. 2021

This week we´ve visit Vidnava area to see what´s changed from last year. We checked forest area as well as Habina camp. Forest looks good, and even after bark beetle disaster there are still many beautiful areas. Right now, we are working in Silva O´camp 2021 schedule. As soon as we finish all details, we will publish it on line.

O-shirts 2021

28.05. 2021

This is it! O-shirts 2021 design is out! Thanks Oland sport for make this true! Silva O´camp 2021 countdown is running, and we are only 48 day´s left. Hope to see as many countries as possible!!

Silva camp entries

14.01. 2021

Do you want to join Silva O´camp 2021. The biggest youth orienteering camp in the world? Write us or contact your country  ambassador. If you not sure who should you contact, don´t hesistate to contact us at


Silva O´camp 2021

06.10. 2020

Date have been set! You are welcome to join next year camp in date 15-25. JULY 2021!!

Maps 2020

24.08. 2020

Did you lost your map in your perfectly clean cabin? Or you just want to check out different course? In this LINK, you can find all the maps of Silva O´camp 2020.

MAPS 2020

Silva O´camp 2020 is over

24.08. 2020
We would like to thank to all the participants that spent these 11 days with us and we hope we will see each other next year.
Follow our webpage for more pics, maps and infoormation about Silva O’camp 2021.
Day by day summary you can find at Facebook pages, highlights of the days you can find on Instagram.

Photos 2020

23.08. 2020

Silva Cup Results

23.08. 2020

Silva O´camp 2020 has started

14.08. 2020

For everyday update follow us on our facebook or instagram pages

Teams 2020

27.07. 2020

Teams for Silva O´Camp 2020 is ready. Check it out! 

Týmy 2020

Bernat Izard

24.07. 2020

This year we will again host popular singer and guitar player Bernat Izard!! You can looking forward to hear a great songs from Elton John or The Beatles!!


Second inspection

07.07. 2020

In these days Silva O´Camp 2020 should be in motion. So, we decided to go there and check current condition. Green is little bit greener because of recent rain, but Habina camp is still a wonderful place. Only the mosquitoes… There are plenty of them at the moment. Hopefully, they will not survive until August, if they do… Take a repellent with you:)

Schedule 2020

25.06. 2020

Schedule for Silva O´camp 2020 is ready! You can look forward for traditional activity as Super puncher, cycling and of course some o-trainings 🙂

Schedule 2020

Czech Republic open for tourism

15.06. 2020
Today Czech Republic open border for many EU countries.? Good news for all international participants! You can check your country status on following link.

Grand inspection

05.06. 2020

Silva O´camp organizing team begin technical arrangement in Vidnava. This Thursday we checked current situation in forest, camp, and surroundings. Never ending harvest makes Orienteering around camp more and more difficult, but many beautiful places for o-training still remains. Habina camp and its staff are preparing to host Silva O ´camp again in this year. Check out few photos from nice sunny day in Vidnava, Czech Republic.

Silva O´camp 2020 changes the date

18.05. 2020

Dear friends,
I hope you are well in this “corona”times.

Yesterday Czech government published rules for youth summer camp in Czech Republic. According this , summer camp should start at the beginning of July – until end of August. There are some special rules (number of participants up to 300, strict hygienic condition, etc.) but generally, no problem for us, as organizers.  

However, as we do not yet know the conditions for the participation of foreign participants and the rules for crossing borders, we have decided to postpone the Silva camp to a new date – from 13 to 23 August 2020.We believe that this will give you time to decide whether or not to participate in the camp. We will wait together as the situation develops and by the end of June  (sooner- better!!!) we will decide together on your eventual participation. We will be happy if you manage to come to Silva camp, where you are always welcome!

Silva O´camp vs COVID-19 pandemic?

02.04. 2020

Silva O’Camp is considering two variants.
Except the original deadline, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Silva Camp’s management is considering moving the event to August. The probable date is 13.-23. August 2020.
Translating to a later date would be particularly suitable for foreign participants – even if the situation calms down soon, it may not be easy to reopen the borders before the start of the holidays.
We will carefully monitor the situation and will give a final solution by the end of May at the latest.

Official Silva O´camp clothing and more…

20.03. 2020

In these hard times, we come with some bright news! We want to announce a new design of Silva O´camp 2020 jersey for participants. Tamadadaaa here it is!! Like it or not? Leave us a feedback. We appreciate all opinion?. As we finish last details of this jersey, we send final draft to Bulgaria, where skillful employee of Oland company produces for us a real sample. ?

We have more and more question regarding future of Silva camp in circumstances with virus SARS-CoV-2. We like to assure you, that nothing changes for Silva O´camp 2020 yet. But as you probably know, situation is changing rapidly last days, and no one know what can come tomorrow. Follow our web pages and be updated with all news about it. We are thinking positively, trust and hope that we will prevail soon!

Silva O´camp 2020

03.09. 2019

Date have been set! You are welcome to join next year camp in date 02-12. july 2020!!

Silva O´camp maps

31.07. 2019

Did you lost your map in your perfectly clean cabin? Or you just want to check out different course? In this LINK, you can find all the maps of Silva O´camp 2019!!

Silva camp in Czech National TV

30.07. 2019

Silva O´camp 2019 is over

30.07. 2019

And we would like to say thank you, to all participants, coaches and our supportes, we never made it without you! You can find many photos in our official gallery, that we will add very soon!!


SILVA CAMP in social media

20.07. 2019

Make sure you follow us! Daily news or live stream? Join our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM site right now!


Vavrys O-shop

01.07. 2019

As usually, we will open special O´shop there in Silva camp. On July 19 (Friday), Vavrys company will attend Silva camp with special offer!

You and your teams should buy orienteering shoes and orienteering equipment as well.

Orienteering shoes (see below) will be sold for the special price – 75€ (!)

Models in sale:

X-Talon 200,210,230

X-Claw 275 a Artictalon 275

Team split

01.07. 2019

Preliminary team split you can find HERE. Attention! There can be some changes until Silva camp beginning.

Schedule 2019

24.06. 2019

Silva camp 2019 clothes in progress

14.06. 2019

After we close all foreign entries we finally let Oland company start on clothes for Silva camp 2019. For production details and manufacturing process we ask CEO of Oland brand Siemon Venev.

Hello Simeon, can you intrduce us Oland company?

Oland is a European brand, which specializes in custom sportswear. The project is led by a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering are a way of living. As a global brand, part of Scandinavia Clothing Company, we guarantee the high quality of our products.

What we can expect from custom sportswear?

We believe that every sport club or individual sportsman in the world deserve personified and unique jersey that can represent power, effort and determination. For this purpose we focus for sublimation printing, that bring the most successful results.

Tell me more about sublimation…

Sublimation printing, also known as dye sublimation printing, is a popular printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials. Typical printing methods involve a step with water, where the solid turns to water before a gaseous state. Sublimation printing does not involve the liquid step but goes right from solid to gas due to a chemical reaction (like dry ice).

How it works?

This typically involves the use of a digital printer to produce images on sublimation transfer paper with sublimation ink. The sublimation paper is then placed into a heat press with the material and exposed to high temperatures of about 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when the ink and transfer material turn from solid to gas. Once they are in a gas state, they permeate the fibers of the material.

When the heat is removed from the transfer paper and substrate, the ink that has permeated the fibers solidifies and is locked permanently into place by the transfer material. Not only does the heat release the gas from the sublimation ink, but it opens the pores of the material you are transferring the image to. Once the pressure and heat are released, the sublimation ink returns to its solid state and the fabric pores close, trapping the ink inside.

Can you use any material?

Nope, we cannot use sublimation on natural fiber fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.) because they do not have micro-pores that capture a special sublimation ink. The sublimation process can only be used on 100% polyester material or materials with a special polymer coating.

Thank you for your time and initiation into the secrets of sublimation printing. We wish you best luck with Silva camp order ????

Olomouc region support

07.05. 2019

Silva camp 2019 is officially under the auspices of the Deputy Governor for sport of the Olomouc Region Mr. Ing. Petr Vrána. At the moment we are preparing official visit delegation of the Region Olomouc.

Design for Silva camp jerseys 2019

02.04. 2019

This year, earlier then usually we publish designs for Silva O´camp 2019. Design was created in collaboration with Oland sport, and is possible that we can make some modified during the year. Don´t worry we will inform you about any change connect with new look!

Working in progress

11.03. 2019

We are finalizing list of participants 2019! It looks we have more than 230 young athletes and 40 coaches this year. There are also some totally new countries at the list. Check it out!


Czech and Slovak 67 runners + 20 coaches

Israel 25 runners + 2 coaches

Spain 58 runners + 6 coaches

Poland 20 runners + 2 coaches

China 20 runners + 2 coaches

Bulgaria 8 runners + 2 coaches

Ukraine 15 runners + 3 coaches

Italy 10 runners + 2 coaches

Croatia 3 runners

Belgium 3 runners + 1 coach

Estonia 5 runners + 2 coaches

Countdown was set

23.01. 2019

From tomorrow we open entry system for Czech and Slovak participants. So, relax entry for you will provide national operator!

Silva O´camp 2019

20.08. 2018

Date have been set! You are welcome tro join next year camp in date 18-28. july 2019!!

Silva O´camp in Czech national TV

06.08. 2018

I bet you have very limited access to Czech National TV. I enclose link to video, you can play after 9.8. 2018. David, cameraman, editor and producer in one person promised to us, that this year video will be excellent. Don´t hesitate and watch it!! Tell us than your opinion in comments!

Link to video

Silva O´camp 2018 is over

30.07. 2018

Silva camp 2018 is over, we hope you enjoy this year as much as we do:) We would like to thanks all participants, coaches, partners and all of you, who support us during camp. Now is right time to plan next year! For more info about Silva O´camp 2019 or more photo from this year follow our web page and facebook page.

PHOTO 2018

Silva camp 2018 just began

20.07. 2018

Don´t miss every day report. You can follow us at Facebook. 

Exclusive offer from Vavrys company

16.07. 2018

Exclusive offer for all Silva camp participants. In monday 23 of July come orienteering shop with exclusive offer of inov-8 orienteering shoes. If your old shoes is getting old. this will be optimal time for exchange.

Teams 2018

10.07. 2018

Teams 2018

Huráá, finally done. We have teams for Silva camp 2018. You will find it under the LIST OF PARTICIPANTS.

(for password ask your COACH)

Schedule 2018

19.06. 2018

IT is finally is here – SCHEDULE 2018

Silva O´camp 2018 wear is finally here.

07.06. 2018

Silva O´camp 2018 wear is finally here. You can add (or cancel) vest or pants until 20 of june.

Hooray, list of participants updated

31.05. 2018

Hooray, list of participants finally updated. You can find all international runners there, go and check it. I’m sure you will be surprised how many runners you already know 🙂

We are spreading Silva O-camp world

30.05. 2018

And new country to our list iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… Great Britain!! Thanks to young British runner, we can add GB to Silva camp affected countries:) And we have one more show at Nations performance evening 🙂 ( oh yeah, we are already start at O´camp schedule) In these days we are registered 176 participants from Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, Poland Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey and of course Great Britain. , as soon as we receive last entries we will update list of participants, follow for more info.

GDPR rules

28.05. 2018

Due to new regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) from 27. april 2016 we make some steps, that increase security of your personal data. 

First of all encode list of participants – you can open it with password, that have been send to all responsible person (main coaches). 

All participants also need to fill this FORM  about pd protection and bring to Silva camp.

Thank you for understanding and big thanks for your help.



19.09. 2017

It is official! Silva O´Camp date for 2018 is 19.-29.7.2018! Mark this lane into your calendar. We are sooo excited! And what about you?


19.09. 2017

A je to oficiální!! Silva O´Camp 2018 bude v termínu 19.-29.7.2018. Zapište si tak toto datum červeně do svého kalendáře :-)!!!

Přihlášky na rok 2018 budou spuštěny začátkem nového roku.

Silva O´camp in TV

27.07. 2017

Here is a link for TV reportage from Silva O´camp, that was broadcast at national TV today afternoon.

Silva O´camp TV shot


Silva O’camp 2017 is over!!!

24.07. 2017

Ten days passed like a wind and this year’s jubilee 20th Silva O´camp is behind us. I am sure you agree with us that this historically largest Silva camp can be considered one of the best. We thank all participants, coaches, partners and sponsors for participating and creating these amazing ten days. Do not forget to follow our website where we publish the next year’s date as soon as possible! Well, let’s not forget to share, add and like your posts on our facebook pages ????.

List of transport

07.07. 2017

Here you can find list of participants who reserved transport from Olomouc to Vidnava.

Teams 2017

02.07. 2017

We finish team team split for this year Silva camp. List is final approved by all coaches.

TEAMS 2017 

Silva O´camp jersey 2017

28.06. 2017

This is it! The jersey design for Silva O’camp 2017 is officially introduced. For boys blue and for ladies red version. This year’s jersey will be RACE FACE line, a hot new from Oland company, which replaced Siven on the orienteering market.

First look at Silva camp clothes 2017

20.06. 2017

schedule 2017

20.06. 2017

Here it is schedule for 2017!!! Looks like another challenging Silva O´camp:)

*Unfortunately, we decide that this year Silesia is not suitable for us, because event center is situated in Cerna Voda, and all stages are prepared from other side of Vidnava forest. Don´t be sad we will prepare our own 3 days races called Kofola cup:)

New sponsor on the horizon !!

17.03. 2017

Silva O’camp will soon have a new sponsor – or rather old-new ????.
As you know, several years we cooperate with the Bulgarian company SIVEN, which gives us the O´Top, O´pants, jackets, vests, headbands and other material. This year we again signed the deal with the fact that since March this year, the company will present a new name and brand – OLAND. So, all you’ll wear at Silva camp 2017 will be marked with a new name and logo – OLAND!


Merry Christmas

22.12. 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Silva O´Camp fans. We really hope to see you….yes we mean YOU next year:)

We can promise you that we will improve camp as much as we can, and guarantee that all Silva O´Camp famous activity will be hold again.

Once more again.. see you 2017

SILVA O´camp 2017

04.08. 2016
It is official!!! SILVA O´camp term is


Keep this date in mind for planning your next holiday:)
See you in 2017

Silva O´Camp 2016 is over

26.07. 2016

Another successful Silva camp is behind us! Even though this year was very difficult, thanks 270 participants (220 children and 50 coaches and stuff) and international 5 days Grand Prix Silesia competition, we managed everything without any bigger problem. We have lucky even with weather, though initially it was quite chilly and rainy. What most of us organizers pleased with was the fact that the camp again created the perfect international atmosphere, make new friendships and improves all children language, even among the youngest participants. The exact date of the next year (mid July 2017) will be published on our website in September, the application form will be launched later in November 2016. Watch us at Facebook pages and official website for more photos and news, that we will publish soon.

Results sprint

20.07. 2016

Here you can find results from first Silva O ´camp official competition – city race in Vidnava. You are warmly welcome to have a look at our Silva camp facebook pages


15.07. 2016

Silva O´Camp is started and you can follow us at our FACEBOOK site.

Silva camp TEAMS

01.07. 2016

We published teams for Silva camp 2016, with all coaches comments. You can find list HERE.


Silesia 2016

23.06. 2016

Today (23/06/2016) were all participants of Silva O´camp registred in international competition Silesia 2016. HERE you can check your personal O- data (like category, SI card, name…)

If you have any question write me at or

Latest news from Silva camp backstage

03.06. 2016

Silva camp is getting closer and we working on it almost every day, thanks to great relationship between Silva O´camp and Vavrys company, we enhance our cooperation and obtain a new sponsor – INOV 8, producer of legendary orienteering shoes all over the world. We also publish draft of Silva O´camp t-shirts 2016. Vest and pants are still in progress, but final design will be very similar.



Best of the best

09.05. 2016

In woods surrounding Silva O´camp train fastest runners all over the word (for example both leading word cup runners Daniel Hubmann and Tove Alexandersson) within EOC training camp 2016. During Silva camp training we will taste some route choices of EOC training camp, and you can compare with best orienteers.

Silva camp is held under official auspices of Silva

27.04. 2016

It is official, Silva camp is held under official auspices of Silva Sweden AB – biggest company in orienteering word – famous for their compasses and headlamps. Silva camp, name that became 18 years ago with cooperation with Vavrys company – official representative of Silva in Czech Republic, and longtime partner of Silva camp is now fully supported by Silva AB. With new partner come also new facelift of Silva camp logo and of course more night-o trainings:)


zmena loga


Silva camp´s Big brother:)

21.03. 2016

New software was develop for Silva camp 2016. This software works with SI chips and units, and help with coordinating kitchen issue. Main task of this new software is eliminate queue before eating. New STRAVA system is develop by leading o-software expert in CZE Miroslav Chmelař.



Silva O´camp 2016 schedule

10.03. 2016

Time is passing and only 125 days to Silva O´camp left. Here is Schedule to cheer you UP!!

Entries for Silva Camp 2016 is open!!

15.01. 2016

We open entries for foreign participants. If you want to join us. Read bulletin n. 1 and fill THIS form, then send it to Thats it:) Simply right? Only notice we close entries at at the end of january, if you have any question ask us at

Silva camp 2016 take part at international competition

25.11. 2015

Silva camp 2016 take part at international competition Silesia 2016. We repeat very succesful format from 2014.  There will be 5 races during 14.7 -17.7. All of them on new maps at Kaltenstein ( EOC area) and camp surroundigs area.

Silva O´camp highlights

10.08. 2015

We add photo from Silva O´camp 2015 to photo gallery. Now you can see all highlights from this year

Silva O´camp in National TV

24.07. 2015

Commentary from Silva O´camp appear in National Tv again. You can watch it online  – HERE

New breakfast hit Silva O camp

01.07. 2015

Favorite breakfast cereal this year will be succeeded by hot news from our sponsor ZD Úsovsko. Corn cereal with honey and cocoa “Teddy Bear” you start up to every Silva O´camp taught daymedinek

Vavrys company opens its stall at the Silva camp

01.07. 2015

In case you need to supplement your orienteering  wardrobe, or purchase a new compass, or other accoutrements, you will have the option of Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Will be represented brands INOV, CRAFT, VAVRYS, SILVA .CZK or  EURO will be accepted…

Camp Schedule 2015

26.06. 2015

Map of accommodation

23.06. 2015

mapa campu final

Division team 2015 update version

23.06. 2015

Here you can find list of split into the team for Silva camp 2015. teams 2015

Official Silva O´camp Jersey

16.06. 2015

We published design for Silva O´camp Jersey 2015. Design by Iva Kasparova will appear on new summer model of our partner Siven clothing company.

Bulletin 1

11.01. 2015

Basic information about the SILVA O’Camp 2015 in the BULLETIN 1.

Contact Us

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SILVA O'Camp, 790 55 Vidnava

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