Jersey 2024

There is not a better feeling then running in a new Silva O’camp t-shirt for the first time. This year we all will be shining in yellow!!

Jersey 2024

We are about to unveil the 2024 tshirt. We can’t even tell you what it will look like yet, we can only reveal that this year the model will be the same for both boys and girls. At Oland sport they are already working on the final design and fine-tuning the last details before the release. Can you guess what colour it will be this year?

Another international entry came from Belgium. We haven’t had Belgian participants at the camp for a long time and so we are excited about this news

All maps from the camp can be downloaded in PDF printable format on this LINK.

All maps from the camp are available on Livelox. After you register on this orienteering portal, you can view route choices of other participants and add your own GPS records from your watch.

Silva Cup Results

Results from E1E2 Overall Results

Photos from this year was uploaded you can find them on this link.

Follow us live

Social media will be our main information channel during the camp, as in previous years. Due to very poor internet access, we will only focus on this type of information sharing. On our FACEBOOK, you can follow a regular daily report, and on INSTAGRAM you can follow live feeds.

TEAMS 2023

The teams for this year have been announced. Check what team you are on, who are your team buddies and who will be your coach on this link.

Silva O´camp has IOF patronage

Silva O´camp is the only camp in the world that has achieved the status of International Youth Training Camp recognized by the IOF.
This year’s camp is therefore held under the official auspices of the International Orienteering Federation.

Lodging reservation

Like last year, this year’s accommodation reservations will be made via the website. Although we plan to start booking in a few days, it is already time to think about who wants to stay where and with whom at the camp. ! Reservations only apply to participants registered through the reservation system (and staying in the cabins), foreign expeditions register through their main leader!

Calm before the storm

At the weekend we went to inspect Vidnava camp. We checked the condition of the cabins, beds and maps. With a good conscience we can declare that everything is as it should be 😊. The map was again a year out of date, but for that we called one of the best Czech and Moravian mapmakers – Zdeněk Rajnošek. He is currently revising the map above Habina, which suffered the biggest changes due to the bark beetle calamity.

Silva O´camp and bicycles

After a long hesitation, we decided to make a major change this year – we will use only rental bikes at this year’s camp. This change will bring great relief to parents who transport their children to the camp, and at the same time it will not cheat any participant, because we guarantee that everyone (except the little ones) will ride their bikes at least once per camp. We believe that this new feature will take our camp one step further.


Ladies and gentlemen,
Allow us to present this year’s jersey design! Blue for the boys, purple for the girls. Oland sport also did the first experienced printing on the fabric and the colors look great. Have you lost weight or grown a little? Never mind, you can change your size until Friday!


What is waiting for you this year? Check out the programme for this year!

Happy women´s day

Happy Women’s Day to all our female participants, coaches and other woman who helps to run Silva O´camp! Shine on…. Not just today but every day

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to all our friends from Israel!!

Silva camp is fully booked

Entries was sold out in 10 minutes. We have never experienced such interest in silva camp. Thanks to all of you who apply for this year and we looking forward to see you in July.
Ahoj! Bye! Shalom! Merhaba! Ola! Witam! Zdraveĭte!

More worldwide entries

This time from Israel and Ireland, welcome and shalom!

First international entries, olé

First international entry comes from Spain, bienvenidos de nuevo amigos!

Learnjoy Camp

he Chinese orienteers were between the first foreign runners who ever took part in Silva O´camp. They enjoyed to return to the Moravian forests and last time they trained in Vidnava in 2017. Amazing camp spirit and acquired know-how inspired the Chinese coaches to the idea of organizing a similar training camp at home. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 restrictions postponed the entire project, and the first event was held only this year.
The event for young orienteers, named Learnjoy camp, was held from 18 to 25 July 2022, that means on a similar date to the Czech Silva O´camp. The venue of the camp was the Yanqing resort in the mountainous suburbs of Beijing – centre of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The young orienteers trained mainly in the big parks, but they also got a chance to run in the forest terrain. Camp participants tried also night orienteering or increasingly popular knock-out sprint. There were also unusual activities such as a „communication“ orienteering run, where one of the pair navigated according to the map and the other ran in the terrain according to the instructions from the radio.
Similar to Silva O´camp, the Chinese Learnjoy camp also had a number of recreational activities on the program. Kids have visited the Winter Olympic Village, including the famous National Sliding Centre, also known as „The Flying Snow Dragon“. Remembering games on snow and ice in July´s hot weather was almost as refreshing as another their activity – kayaking.
Theory lessons with experienced lecturers, together with a lot of practice, significantly improved everyone´s map skills and physical condition. And that was more than useful during the final race in the challenging area of the Expo park.
In addition to the performance improvement itself, the Learnjoy camp also managed to provide that „extra something“ that makes the orienteering so special. A love for outdoor sport, new friendships and immense joy from every punched control 🙂
Silva O’camp has supported the project of the orienteering camp in China from the very beginning and plans to cooperate in the future as well.

Gallery  from Silva O´Camp 2022.