Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 – Final instructions Silva O´camp 2024:

With only a few days left until the opening of Silva o´camp 2024, it’s time to recap and summarize the most important information.

Arrival to the camp

You can come to the camp area on Sunday 21.7. throughout the day, However, we start with lunch between 1-2 p.m.  Info about precamp you can find here

  • Israel – will arrive by bus from Prague
  • Spain – will arrive by bus from Prague
  • Turkey – will arrive by bus from Prague
  • Ukraine – will arrive by bus from Prague
  • Poland – they will arrive by private minibus and cars
  • Bulgaria – they will arrive by private bus
  • Belgium– they will arrive by two cars
  • Portugal – they will arrive by car


Most of the foreign participants will be accommodated in cabins (4-5 people each). Each team has a set number of cabins. It will be up to the coaches to decide how to accommodate the children. Beds can be moved to neighbouring cabins only if is odd number of beds for girls orboys – all within the same country. Map of the accommodation can be found here. Some of the participants will be staying in tents – these will be equipped with an inflatable mattress. Each tent has an entrance hall and two separate bedrooms for two people. Most of the tents will be new. We will also have spare sleeping bags available in case of cold nights 😊.
Small pillows and sheets will be provided, but all participants (including those staying in log cabins) should bring their own sleeping bags.

Food and beverage

We start with lunch on the day of arrival and finish with lunch on the day of departure.
We serve 3 hot meals a day + small snack
Breakfast buffet, drinks throughout the day.


You don’t need much for your stay at the camp, in general the less the better. However, here’s a list of the essentials

  • Casual wear
  • Orienteering + sports clothes
  • Orienteering gear (SI + compass)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Headlight
  • Medications (if using)
  • Special diet food
  • Insurance + travel documents
  • Swimming suit
  • Sleeping bags !!


There is very limited signal coverage in the camp, the internet is practically non-existent and the telephone connection is less than ideal. Charging smart devices is also problematic. However, parents can follow us (almost live) on social media Facebook Instagram and Livelox
The camp leader’s mobile phone is available almost 24/7:
Robert Brko Zdráhal +420602805696
We will be checking our e-mail inbox info@silvacamp.cz on a daily basis.

The camp has a working post office, the postal address is:

SILVA O´camp , 790 55 Vidnava


There will be a Silva O´shop at the camp with candies and beverages( We proudly serve Kofola drink the Czech equivalent of Coca Cola and the main sponsor of the camp). Besides food, you can also buy some of our merchandise at the shop.

During the camp there will be a special shop with orienteering goods from the Oland Sport. Simeon and Kiril, founders of Oland sport company will offer special Silva Camp discount for all participants.

We only accept cash (CZK) at Silva Camp Shop, but you can also pay with EUR at Oland Shop.

A little tip for anyone planning to change money in the Czech Republic. NEVER, EVER change money at the airport, you will be ripped off! In Prague, pay attention to the exchange offices in the city, and do not withdraw money from EURONET ATMs. Always ask how much money you will get and count it! Remember that with the receipt you must get, you can cancel the transaction within 3 hours of buying the currency. You can also do money exchange at Silva Camp with ease and hassle-free.

If you’re more interested in exchanging money in the Czech Republic, watch one of the videos from the Honest Guide channel (among other scams, here are more tips on how to enjoy Prague and most of the tips we would recommend).