Orienteering Park Praděd

In the end of 2013 year had been opened two area of permanent controls nearby Vidnava (CZ) and Glucholazy (PL). Both resort called “Orienteering Park Praděd” were built by SK Hana Orienteering club with the support of funds from the European Union. Each area has 20 permanent control and maps are available at the Information centre and other public places, free of charge. Several courses can tested public, school groups, are useful also for Orienteering clubs (especially beginners).

The terrain around Vidnava is undoubtedly one of the best that the Czech Republic can offer orienteering runners. It is quite unique in that it was formed (the only one in the Czech Republic) retreating glaciers, so nature reminds Scandinavia. So it is very rugged, there are amount of stones, rocks, boulders, swamps. What’s more – the local terrain have been used economically since time immemorial, as they contain large amounts of various minerals. So here are the remains of mining activities such as small granite and limestone quarries, depressions caused by mining kaolin or sand, a large number of grooves used for amelioration drainage swamps – all the attractiveness of the local terrain adds. Beautiful, modern civilization almost untouched nature with wild rivers, deep forests, rock formations and lots of animals – this is the main reason why we come to Vidnava every year again.