Silva camp 2019 clothes in progress

After we close all foreign entries we finally let Oland company start on clothes for Silva camp 2019. For production details and manufacturing process we ask CEO of Oland brand Siemon Venev.

Hello Simeon, can you intrduce us Oland company?

Oland is a European brand, which specializes in custom sportswear. The project is led by a team of experienced and ambitious people who believe that running, cycling and orienteering are a way of living. As a global brand, part of Scandinavia Clothing Company, we guarantee the high quality of our products.

What we can expect from custom sportswear?

We believe that every sport club or individual sportsman in the world deserve personified and unique jersey that can represent power, effort and determination. For this purpose we focus for sublimation printing, that bring the most successful results.

Tell me more about sublimation…

Sublimation printing, also known as dye sublimation printing, is a popular printing method for transferring images onto suitable materials. Typical printing methods involve a step with water, where the solid turns to water before a gaseous state. Sublimation printing does not involve the liquid step but goes right from solid to gas due to a chemical reaction (like dry ice).

How it works?

This typically involves the use of a digital printer to produce images on sublimation transfer paper with sublimation ink. The sublimation paper is then placed into a heat press with the material and exposed to high temperatures of about 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when the ink and transfer material turn from solid to gas. Once they are in a gas state, they permeate the fibers of the material.

When the heat is removed from the transfer paper and substrate, the ink that has permeated the fibers solidifies and is locked permanently into place by the transfer material. Not only does the heat release the gas from the sublimation ink, but it opens the pores of the material you are transferring the image to. Once the pressure and heat are released, the sublimation ink returns to its solid state and the fabric pores close, trapping the ink inside.

Can you use any material?

Nope, we cannot use sublimation on natural fiber fabrics (cotton, linen, etc.) because they do not have micro-pores that capture a special sublimation ink. The sublimation process can only be used on 100% polyester material or materials with a special polymer coating.

Thank you for your time and initiation into the secrets of sublimation printing. We wish you best luck with Silva camp order ????