Silva O´camp 2020 changes the date

Dear friends,
I hope you are well in this “corona”times.

Yesterday Czech government published rules for youth summer camp in Czech Republic. According this , summer camp should start at the beginning of July – until end of August. There are some special rules (number of participants up to 300, strict hygienic condition, etc.) but generally, no problem for us, as organizers.  

However, as we do not yet know the conditions for the participation of foreign participants and the rules for crossing borders, we have decided to postpone the Silva camp to a new date – from 13 to 23 August 2020.We believe that this will give you time to decide whether or not to participate in the camp. We will wait together as the situation develops and by the end of June  (sooner- better!!!) we will decide together on your eventual participation. We will be happy if you manage to come to Silva camp, where you are always welcome!